Favorite Resources

Once a child learns to read, you can scarcely keep him from learning... just keep him interested and learning will come with ease!

Whether you home educate or not, these are resources we highly recommend.

Abeka phonics, language and reading books from Kindergarten through 2nd grade were a joy for us.  Also, Hooked on Phonics made phonics more interesting for the younger kids.

Math U See math curriculum, found here

- It is the first series we've found that is close to Montessori style learning.  It has seen us through from addition all the way to Trig and we're still going.

Wisdom Booklets, found here.

- You do have to be a member of ATI to get this curriculum.  But you can see examples online.  This resource has been invaluable to us.  I don't know what we would be doing without it.  Children from young ages all the way to adults are challenged by this curriculum as the Bible is the main textbook.  God does it better than any of us!

Anything Montessori - too much to explain here, but Montessori is what we have loved the most about learning - particularly the younger ages.  Learning comes alive with all Montessori Materials.
Learn more here and here.  Find materials at a variety of sites, here and here to start.

History Resources -
We have found that most history curriculum miss the learning and adventure that the history of our world presents.  Many are filled with names and dates, but little about the "why" and the "how" it all happened.  This tends to make history dry and meaningless.   We are blessed to have found many resources that help us truly understand how the world became what it is today - both the good and the bad - by reading real accounts by people who were actually there.  The best way to learn history is to read these biographies, autobiographies and the like.  Here are just a few we are thrilled with:

 The War Between the States, by John J. Dwyer.  What a comprehensive, well-illustrated book with dozens of biographical features of politicians, theologians, soldiers, inventors, spies, nurses, musicians, journalists, artists, and many others from that generation.  A vivid account of the wartime experience for those on the home front.  The amazing story of the savage cold war that occurred after the Confederacy surrendered.  Things you don't see in typical school books today.

Drive Thru History DVD Series -
The kids LOVE these!  In fact, we can't get enough and they are watched over and over.  Get accurate accounts of history - and God is not left out as they discuss ancient history to American history.  Just enough corny humor to keep kids laughing and interested, but lots of "meat" too in terms of real history.  Find the series here:  http://www.drivethruhistory.com/store/

Story of the World history series, found here

 - Interesting for all ages even the young ones!  The CDs are priceless as the storyteller is a master at his craft and all the stories are told in an exciting way.  History comes alive and is typically the first thing they want to do each day.

SCIENCE Resources:

Moody Science Classic DVDs, sold on their website or here.  These have been a family favorite for ALL ages.  What amazing, in depth learning come from these.  You may wonder if they are outdated due to when they were made - but no more outdated than the Bible.  These are science with a sermon like we have never heard anywhere else.  We have the whole set and wish there were more. 


Patch the Pirate and anything by Majesty Music - God honoring, character building music of all types.  Written music for piano and strings as well as children's tunes.  Two of our favorite children's songs by Patch are "The Pouchy Lip" song and "Call the Wambulance"  - both to show the importance of not whining.  ;-)

Adventures in Odyssey CDs and DVDs:
You can find a radio station near you and listen during scheduled times - or like us, get the CDs for the car.  Many are at the local libraries.  Our car always has one going it seems.  Long rides are so fun for the kids with these and the messages are great, characters are played well, and humor abounds too!  Find them here:  http://www.whitsend.org/  Or on amazon or used curriculum sales.  Also at Christian bookstores around the nation.

Favorite Things:
The following is a list of websites, resources, and events that have been a blessing to our family. May they be the same to yours as well!

livingwaters.com (they have great gospel tracts which are so much fun to give away, plus lots of other resources)

beeyoutiful.com (a Christian health / beauty / supplement company, great stuff! 

bulkherbstore.com (similar to above, they have great prices and top quality products)

nogreaterjoy.org (sign up for a FREE bimonthly magazine full of child training, homeschooling, evangelizing, natural health, and other stuff)

gospelink.org (an organization that supports national pastors and evangelists as they spread the gospel in their home countries)

samaritanspurse.org/occ (a Christian relief organization's Christmas ministry... sending gift filled shoe boxes to children affected by poverty, war, or natural disaster)

iblp.org/events (among other events, the annual ATI homeschool conference in Big Sandy, Texas is THE highlight of our year!! Join us there!)

alertacademy.org (they host lots of family friendly events throughout the year, we don't get to go as often as we'd like, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't check it out!)

fortrock.org (a fabulous Christian family camp in the Ozarks.)

therebelution.com (described as "a teenage rebellion against low expectations." Great blog, books and other resources!)
therebelution.com/modestysurvey (all Christian girls everywhere should read this survey)

180movie.com (this is amazing... it will rock your world!)

answeringenesis.com (Creation science, apologetics, answers for the skeptics)

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