Montessori Items for SALE

All of the items below are genuine Montessori Materials - made of wood so they are sturdy and   have an appealing feel for the child.  This appeal is an important part of the whole Montessori experience.
These items are all just like new.  My children knew these were not toys, but tools for important "work" that they would do during our "school time"  - so you will find them to look as though they are new!  In most cases, I have the original boxes that they came in which will be included.
Large Fraction Skittles, with wooden stand - Original Paid: $60.00 / Asking Price: $35.00

 The Algebraic Binomial Cube:  Original Price Paid: $28.00 / Asking Price: $15.00

Long Division (sometimes called "Test Tubes Division" or "Racks and Tubes")

Original Paid $150.00 / Asking Price: $75.00

Boards pictured to the left, beads and tubes pictured below.

(Includes skittles and cases as well - not pictured)

Multiplication Checkerboard: Original Price: $58.00 / Asking Price: $40.00
Checkerboard Beads: Original Price: $50.00 / Asking Price: $35.00


Wooden Fraction Circles: Original Price: $54.00 / Asking Price: $35.00

Cutout Labeled Fraction Circles Original Price: $45.00 / Asking Price: $30.00

Addition Strip Board - Original Price: $35.00 / Asking Price: $20.00

10 Wooden Square of 100 - Original Price: $15.00 / Asking Price: $7.00

Reading / Sentence Analysis Full Set / Original Price: $60.00 / Asking Price:  $40.00
Bead Decanomial  Original Paid: $120.00 / Asking: $65.00 (Decimal Board photo/price coming soon)


  1. I am interested in possibly buying some of your materials but cannot find a contact on your page anywhere. Can you email me?

    1. Hi there, these were posted here for West County Homeschoolers and I just used this site to house all of these so they could be easily seen. Hence why there isn't contact info in the post. Are you in the St. Louis area?